Heather Madeira Ni

Heather Madeira Ni has specialized in chamber music throughout her career. Her first teachers included the Empire Brass and the Atlantic Brass Quintets, with whom she worked during her trumpet undergraduate at Boston University. Heather also worked with members of the Chestnut Brass Company (19th and early 20th century brass ensemble) and with Piffaro (Renaissance loud band) in Philadelphia during her Master's programme at Temple University.

She continued working in early music on cornetto and Baroque trumpet with Bob Farley at the Royal Academy of Music in London and with Gabriele Cassone in Italy. Other ensembles that Heather works with are the contemporary brass group Ni Ensemble, different jazz, salsa and funk groups in the Great Region and various orchestras (including the Orchestre Philharmonique du Luxembourg) and projects across Europe, as well as teaching masterclasses throughout Europe.