About the Group

The group

Quatricinia is an early music chamber ensemble that was founded in 2012 by four musicians living in Luxembourg. The group’s name is taken from Gottfried Reiche, Bach’s trumpet player in Lepizig, who composed in 1696 his twenty four new Quatricinia for four instruments.

The group plays on period instruments and has organised concerts such as Del Siglo de Oro al Pasodoble (From the Spanish Golden Age to Pasodoble). It has also staged theatrical music collaborative projects such as Die Blechgeschichte (The Story of Brass) and La Historia del Cautivo (The Captive’s Tale), in commemoration of the death of Miguel de Cervantes. Quatricinia has performed its programme Weckmann & Van Wichel: Stadtpfeifersonaten nach dem Westfälischen Frieden (Weckmann & Van Wichel: Alta Capella Sonatas after the Peace of Westphalia) for the Kulturkrees Celobrium and the TAMIS (Tage Alter Musik Im Saarland).